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K12 Lead Teacher Program

Beyond Benign’s Lead Teacher Program is designed to develop and support teachers who wish to take a leadership role in advancing sustainable science education as teacher trainers and presenters. As a part of this three year program, participating teachers become ambassadors and experts in sustainable science and green chemistry.

Beyond Benign provides advanced training along with opportunities to collaborate as co-leaders of workshops, conference presenters, curriculum experts and more. All teachers receive compensation for their time and talent.

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How do I apply to be a Lead Teacher?

Are you a visionary teacher looking to join a national network of teachers who are bringing cutting-edge science concepts to STEM education? Share with us what green chemistry looks like in your classroom with a brief portfolio of your own green chemistry implementation along with your resume and recommendations from colleagues and a student.
Application deadline February 28, 2019

Download our Lead Teacher flyer for more application information. 

What does it mean to be a Lead Teacher?

Beyond Benign Lead Teachers are dedicated full-time K-12 classroom teachers at public or private schools. Lead Teachers serve as green chemistry education ambassadors and collaborate with industry and education partners to develop curriculum and deliver professional development at local, regional or national conferences and workshops. As a part of the program teachers will develop a deeper understanding of green chemistry and work together with a network of like-minded teachers. Each year Lead Teachers dedicate approximately 50-70 hours to the program and receive compensation for their time and talent.

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