Beyond Benign
provides educators with
the tools, training and support
to make green chemistry
an integral part of
chemistry education.


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Green Chemistry Resource Guide Cover

Guide to Green Chemistry Experiments for Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Labs.

JV Lemelson MIT InventTeams Educator Guide Cover

Green Chemistry JV InvenTeams Activity Guide

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Learn about our Lead Teacher program and how to integrate green chemistry in the classroom.

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Access the latest social media campaign, news and highlights in Green Chemistry education.

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Access open-source green chemistry curriculum for K-12 and higher education.

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Beyond Benign Theory of Change

Green chemistry education is at the core of a sustainable future.

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“We need to make green chemistry education a more generalized and broad component to the education of all chemists and scientists.”

–Dr. William Tolman, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Minnesota

“Teaching students the principles of green chemistry through the lens of sustainability is exciting and fulfilling.”

–Ann Lambert, King Philip High School

“There are many students who are now interested in the sciences because of us Fellows and that alone has made this experience worthwhile.”

–Stephanie Intriago, Simmons College graduate

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Reducing chemical waste in-situ: SoluSave

SoluSave is a company that is looking at recycling laboratory solvents with an in-situ, microscale device. They are a start-up based in Toronto, Ontario and they are currently working with…

Natalie O’Neil’s Science Communication Fellowship Video 2019

Our Higher Education Program Manager Natalie O’Neil has just released her purpose video created for the Advancing Green Chemistry Science Communication Fellowship, in collaboration with the Science Communication Network, a…

Safe and Sustainable Chemistry Activities: Fostering a Culture of Safety in K-12 and Community Outreach Programs

Our Co-Founder and Executive Director Amy Cannon, our K-12 Education Director Kate Anderson, and our Green Chemistry Commitment Director Irv Levy, together with Amy Keirstead, Reuben Hudson, Jennifer MacKellar, Mollie…