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Inspiration from ACS Meetings

Cassandra Knutson, Lead Teacher

                    I have been to several ACS meetings in the past few years and each time I leave excited and inspired….

Learning Together in the Green Chemistry Community

A Spotlight of Annette Sebuyira by Scott Carlson

I started teaching when I was 20. Hindsight is 20/20, though I felt well prepared on pedagogy and psychology of the child, the contrast between teacher preparation courses and actually…

How Green Chemistry aligns in Modeling Instruction™

An Interview of Erika Fatura by Scott Carlson

One of the things I love most about my job is that there is no one right way to teach. From Wiggins and McTighe to Danielson to Bronfenbrenner and Thorndike,…

The Story Behind Becoming a Green Chemistry Teacher

Scott Carlson

Welcome to the Lead Teacher Blog! My name is Scott Carlson, and I’ll be the narrator for this school year. And while I’m excited to explore other classrooms with you,…

What Might an Ideal Green Chemistry Classroom Look Like?

Stephen Costanza and Dana Wadnola

Incorporating green chemistry into the classroom may seem like a challenge at first, but there are many opportunities for teachers to transform traditional labs and activities into ones that illustrate…

How to Go Green This Spring with Acid/Base Titrations

Cassandra Knutson

It’s never too late to include green chemistry in your curriculum! A common springtime topic in many chemistry classrooms is acid/base chemistry. This means that many chemistry teachers have a…

Benefits of Attending the ACS National Meeting

Dr. Lurea Doody

Last month I attended the American Chemical Society National meeting in the beautiful city of New Orleans- along with nearly 17,000 other chemistry teachers, students, researchers, and vendors! As a…

Gisele Rubino

Green Chemistry Principles Are Really Principles for Everyday Life

Gisele Rubino

At first glance, it is easy to think that Beyond Benign curriculum is created with only chemistry applications in mind, that going “green”, only applies to chemistry. You might be…

Jennifer Babbin

Going Green One Step/Day at a Time

Jennifer Babbin

Thinking about going green in your classroom? Awesome, you’ve taken the first step! There are so many unbelievable reasons to go green and a ton of resources available. Still, I’ll…

K Hetter

Connecting Green Chemistry to the Next Generation Science Standards

Kathe Blue Hetter

As teachers, we are asked that our students, on any given day, be able to tell any visitor in our classroom what they are working on and why it is…

Why Innovate in the Classroom?

Richard Cooper

Today, we hear increasingly of the need for innovation in our classrooms. But what does it mean to innovate? Do the students innovate, or do I? Do I incorporate innovations…

How does green chemistry help you do inquiry labs in your classroom?

Sarah McCarron-Stewart

Inquiry. Inquiry is a word that is sometimes hard to pronounce and a concept that is often hard for teachers to implement. What does it mean? How do you put…

Cassidy Javner

Why replacement labs?

Javner, Cassidy

Open flames and ‘out of control’ chemistry are not tolerated in industry, but there are still quite a few accidents as a result of these practices in the high school…

How can I engage my high school chemistry students at the start of the year while introducing green chemistry?

Raksmey Derival

How many students do you have walk into your chemistry class at the start of the year already hesitant because of chemistry’s reputation of being “boring” or “too hard”? I…

How do I integrate green chemistry into my AP Chemistry course?

Ann Lambert

As a teacher of AP Chemistry, I know how it is to be heavy on content and short on time. Those AP students, however, are likely to be future chemists,…

Richard Cooper

How do we train scientifically literate 21st century global citizens?

Richard Cooper

As a parent, there are so many things I want my sons to know.  Traits that will never be found in an educational curriculum guide.  Qualities like manners, honor, integrity,…