Beyond Benign

Lead Teacher

Certified Lead Teacher Raksmey Derival

Innovation Academy Charter School
Tyngsborough, MA
Years teaching: 7


Derival, Raksmey

How did you connect with Beyond Benign?
I was a founding member of Beyond Benign and member of Dr. Warner and Dr. Cannon’s graduate green chemistry program at the Center for Green Chemistry at UMass Lowell.

What first drew you into teaching and science education?
I strongly believe that green chemistry can save the world. I thought it was important to share that message with the world, so I started doing educational outreach in 2004 as an undergraduate student. Through that work, I co-authored a children’s book on how green chemistry technology saved the shipping industry (highlighted the Rohm & Haas Sea-Nine technology) and did hands-on experiments with middle schoolers. I pursued a graduate degree to better develop myself as a scientist who can make a difference from the bench. I was later recruited to Beyond Benign to focus more on educational outreach.

What excites you most about teaching green chemistry?
Knowing that I can make a small difference by inspiring my own students to pursue green chemistry

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