Beyond Benign

Lead Teacher

Dana Wadnola

Whitesboro High School
Marcy, NY
Years teaching: 20


Wadnola, Dana

How did you connect with Beyond Benign?
I took two Beyond Benign workshops-one at Syracuse University in 2014, and one in Binghamton, NY sponsored by the American Chemical Society in 2016. I got hooked on the concept of green chemistry and started incorporating the labs into my curriculum!

What first drew you into teaching and science education?
In college, I worked as a lab assistant where I set up and broke down labs, as well as assisting students during them. It was then that I realized I had a natural ability to teach and explain science concepts to students. This is what persuaded me to become a science teacher.

What excited you most about teaching green chemistry?
The most exciting thing about teaching green chemistry to my students is that I am inspiring them to really think about the health and safety of the materials, products, and chemicals they are exposed to everyday. They learn innovative ways to change the processes in order to be less harmful to living things and the planet.

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