Beyond Benign

Lead Teacher

Alyson VanAlphen

Socrates Academy
Matthews, North Carolina
Years teaching: 15


VanAlphen, Alyson

How did you connect with Beyond Benign?

My brother, Stephen Costanza, is a Lead Teacher.  He encouraged me to apply, and I am so excited to be a part of this amazing organization!

What first drew you into teaching and science education?

I have always had a passion for teaching science, particularly sustainability and safety.  

What excites you most about teaching green chemistry?  

I am so excited to bring the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry into my classroom through our labs and everyday activities.  The labs and resources are user-friendly and very easy to integrate into my science curriculum. Green chemistry is the perfect integration with my passion for science education and sustainability, human and environmental health, and innovation.

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