Beyond Benign

Middle School

CUR MS Green Math & Engineering

Green Math & Engineering

Lesson 00 – Unit Overview

This document provides an introduction and teacher background for this unit.

Lesson 01 – Whose House

Students match the house with the celebrity who owns it and begin thinking about all that goes into designing a house. This lesson serves as an activator for the unit.

Lesson 02 – House Project Overview

This lesson provides students with an overview of expectations for their project. Students create a concept map to identify where they will apply math skills in designing their house.

Lesson 03 – Intended Occupants: Optional ELA Connection

Students provide a detailed description of the individuals who will live in the house they design.

Lesson 04 – Leave Only Footprints

Students evaluate the ecological footprints of their individual lifestyles and analyze the class data uses mean, median and mode.

Lesson 05 – Decision Graphic Introduction

Students compare the economic and environmental impacts of the construction of two types of homes and determine which type of graph best shows the data.

Lesson 06 – All A Loan

In this multi-lesson unit, student practice calculating and manipulating percentages and applying their skills to evaluate compound interest rates on loans needed to build their homes.

Lesson 07 – Measurement Madness

Students practice measuring and converting measurements using equivalent fractions.

Lesson 08 – Scale the Wall

Students measure rooms in the school to gain an understanding of space and scale.

Lesson 09 – Hit the Deck

Students practice using scale and calculating the area and perimeter of squares, rectangles, and composite shapes to create a floor plan for their house.

Lesson 10 – Drafting Bubbles

Students practice working with the area of rectangles by creating a rough draft that shows how the square footage of their house is divided and used.

Lesson 11 – The Final Floor

Students use scale to design their final floor plan.

Lesson 12 – Green House?

Students analyze the cost of the materials needed for their house and decide which materials to use, making choices based on economic and environmental factors.

Lesson 13 – What’s In A Window?

In this optional lesson, students compare the effectiveness of materials in insulating heat by measuring temperature and calculating differences.

Lesson 14 – Final Budget

Students use a transaction register to create their final budget while determining the actual cost of supplies and calculating sales tax.

Lesson 15 – Build-A-Math

Students build a 3D model of their house to scale, calculating how much material is needed for each section. This can be done in a number of ways (see ͞Building Options͟ for description of possible building methods).