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CURR Green Chemistry JV InvenTeams Activity Guide

Green Chemistry JV InvenTeams Activity Guide

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                   Lemelson MIT

Expose students to the ways of creating a sustainable future and tackling the world’s biggest societal challenges through chemical science and invention.

The new JV InvenTeam Green Chemistry Activity Guide will encourage students to use green chemistry principles to invent bioplastics. Students will learn how chemists can apply green chemistry principles to invent products and materials that reduce harmful impacts on humans and the environment. Educators and students will be lead through a 7-part project to explore sustainable invention.

Topics Include:

  1. Invention Introduction
  2. Inventing for a Sustainable Future
  3. Reuse and Explore
  4. Experimenting with Bioplastics
  5. Optimizing our Bioplastic Inventions
  6. Prototype
  7. Communicating Green Chemistry Ideas

Green Chemistry Invention Classroom Prize

Enter our contest for a chance to win a $425-valued classroom kit for the JVInvenTeams Green Chemistry Guide. The kit will supply you with all the materials needed to run our 7-part guide with a classroom of students. There will be three educators awarded a Green Chemistry Invention Classroom Prize, enter here to be one of them!

Answer the following question in either a 500-word essay or in a video limited to 2 minutes length.

How do you envision sustainable invention with Green Chemistry impacting your students’ learning?

Submit answers here! Deadline for submissions is August 1st, 2020

Sneak Peek Game

Click here to play Sustainable Starters a game matching renewable materials with real-world innovations. For a preview of the supplies needed for the guide, download the Materials List. To learn how you can win all the supplies for free, enter our Green Chemistry Invention Classroom Prize!

Purchasing the Invention Kit:

The invention kit is designed for 20 students and two educators, and contains most materials and tools. Kits may only be purchased with a credit card. Purchase orders unfortunately cannot be accepted at this time. Invention kit costs do not include shipping. Shipping costs from our east coast distributor for each JV InvenTeam kit range between $20 and $120 depending on location and kit. Instructions for ordering the kits is here.

Students Invent Green

Hear from high school students on what they thought about learning how to invent green in their science class!


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