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Virtual Resources

A guide to using the Greener Alternatives Evaluation Matrix (DOZN™ 2.0) in Academic Settings for Safer Labs
An overview of DOZN™ 2.0, specific rules for utilizing the tool in academic settings, a template worksheet for students, and select reactions with DOZN™ 2.0 scoring to serve as introductory examples. DOZN™ 2.0 webinars 

American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute
Online education resources for Green Chemistry & Engineering

Yale-UNIDO University Curriculum
27 lecture PowerPoints presentations
Supplementary reading and video recommendations
Curriculum Overview Webinar

Beyond Benign Green Chemistry Webinar Archive
31 webinars covering Analytical, Organic, General and Green Chemistry along with Toxicology and Green Chemistry metrics

Carnegie Mellon University Institute for Green Science
Green Chemistry modules available for download
Powerpoint presentations, hand-outs available

CHEM21 Online Learning Platform 
Solvents, reagent guides, metrics and more
Self-assessment questions throughout modules

Green Chemistry Teaching Modules by Mike Cann, University of Scranton
Green Chemistry teaching modules for General, Organic, Inorganic, Environmental, Polymer, Advanced Organic and Industrial Chemistry, Biochemistry as well as Chemical Toxicology.

Green Chemistry videos by MoDRN
Lecture videos on toxicology, solvents, energy, feedstocks, catalysis, end of life, accidents and design of safer chemicals, from Professor Paul T. Anastas and MoDRN team.

Green Chemistry Educational videos by The Global Green Chemistry Initiative
~2 min videos on Green Chemistry, feedstocks, solvents, catalysts, safer molecules, waste, energy

Green Tycoon: A Mobile Application Game to Introduce Biorefining Principles in Green Chemistry
Green Tycoon is a free-of-charge game-based mobile application that embraces a systems thinking approach to introducing students to a biorefining process model within green chemistry.
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Google Play App 

MoDRN: U Modules
A set of modules for undergraduate Chemistry, Biology, and Environmental Science classrooms (and beyond!) to introduce concepts of Green Chemistry and sustainable chemical design.

The Science of Chemical Safety Essential Toxicology An Educational Resource
Materials for teaching and learning the fundamentals of Toxicology

The Global Green Chemistry Initiative 1-day Train the Facilitator Workshop Resources
PowerPoint lectures, exercises and case studies

The Global Green Chemistry Initiative 5-day Train the Facilitator Workshop Resources
PowerPoint lectures, exercises and case studies

Safer Chemical Design Game
Virtual game for greener chemical synthesis
The safer chemical design game. Gamification of green chemistry and safer chemical design concepts for high school and undergraduate students article

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Academy
Free massive open online courses and educational materials on sustainable development and the Sustainable Development Goals.

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