Beyond Benign

High School

CUR HS Introduction to Chemistry

Introduction to Chemistry

Environmental Impact Factor

Using the E-Factor formula, students compare the amount of a final product to the amount of waste generated in a chemical process, leading to a discussion of additional green chemistry metrics with respect to chemical reactions.

Hard Water Lab: TAML Industry Example

A Presidential Green Chemistry Award winning technology is the inspiration for this lab that looks chemically at the difference between hard and soft water and the role of catalysis in reactions. The lesson reinforces the scientific method by careful manipulation of variables to develop a rich understanding of the bleaching process through an inquiry based activity.

Introduction to Green Chemistry and Biomimicry

Students are introduced to biomimicry, an approach to innovation that derives inspiration from nature, through examples of technologies inspired by nature.

Lifecycle and Sustainability Analysis

The 3 E’s (Environment, Economy, Equity) of the sustainability of a product are evaluated by a metric, the Sustainability Triangle, to create a mathematical correlation to the life cycle analysis of a common product from cradle to grave.

Writing the Principles

Introduce the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry by a lab simulation that encourages students to critically think about how a chemical process may be improved.

MIT BLOSSOMS video lesson.