Beyond Benign

High School

CUR HS Biotechnology


Lesson 01 – What’s up with Gena? Introduction to Biotech Case Study

Students are challenged to formulate a hypothesis for what is wrong with a patient named Gena based on her family history and complaints of sickness.

Lesson 02 – Genetic Testing

In this two part lesson, students take DNA samples and perform a paper electrophoresis experiment while learning about genes and restriction enzymes.

Lesson 03 – Family Interviews

Students are introduced to the field of genetic counseling as they use information gathered from an interview with Gena’s family to build a pedigree chart.

Lesson 04 – Counseling my Genetics

Students consider how they feel about genetics and the issues around medical/pharmaceutical biotechnology by considering whether Gena’s family members should undergo genetic testing.

Lesson 05 – Electrophoresis Discovery

Students perform gel electrophoresis to test Elizabeth’s DNA and determine the presence of a mutated gene.

Lesson 06 – Recombinant DNA Technology

Students are put in the role of a molecular biologist as they explore the use of recombinant DNA technology in treating genetic disorders and the usefulness of scientific models in biotechnology.

Lesson 07 – Phixagene Inc.

Students put themselves in the role of pharmaceutical researchers and brainstorm new medical treatments using different types of genetic mutations.

Lesson 08 – Biotechnology Career Exploration

Students explore different types of jobs and opportunities within the constantly expanding field of biotechnology.

Supplemental – Design-O-Saur

Students build a model to observe the connection between DNA, RNA, and amino acid sequences and to see the variation of traits that can occur in offspring by doing either a dihybrid cross or monohybrid cross of the parents.

Supplemental – Jeopardy Review: Evaluation

Review biology and biotechnology concepts (bacteria, viruses, reproduction & genetic recombination, treatment & prevention) with the help of an interactive jeopardy game with your class. See individual PowerPoints for concepts covered in each activity.

Supplemental – What do you get if you cross biology with technology?

Students begin discussions on biotechnology as a class, addressing pre-conceived notions and exploring the role biotechnology plays in their lives, especially related to medicine. This lesson can be used both as an activator and/or a debrief of the unit.

Supplemental – Additional Biotech Resources

List of websites for teachers looking for additional resources related to biotechnology.