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High School

CUR HS Reaction Rates & Equilibrium

Reaction Rates & Equilibrium

Catalysts and Oxygen

This lab replaces manganese dioxide to demonstrate the effect of a catalyst in a reaction. Students will understand the effect of a catalyst on reaction rates and how a catalyst can improve the efficiency of a process.

Equilibrium/Le Chatelier’s Principle

This lesson gives students an understanding of the concept of chemical equilibrium and demonstrates Le Chatelier’s Principle using inexpensive household materials.


Greening the Clock Reaction

This lesson replaces the traditional clock reaction use of iodate ions, hydrogen sulphite ions, mercury(II) ions and uses Vitamin C, tincture of iodine, 3% hydrogen peroxide and starch solution.

Hard Water Lab: TAML Industry Example

A Presidential Green Chemistry Award winning technology is the inspiration for this lab that looks chemically at the difference between hard and soft water and the role of catalysis in reactions. The lesson reinforces the scientific method by careful manipulation of variables to develop a rich understanding of the bleaching process through an inquiry based activity.