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High School

CUR HS Acids & Bases

Acids & Bases

Acids, Bases and pH

Students create a spectrum of colorful indicators in developing an original solution to identifying the pH range of common substances.

Natural Dyes Lab: Cogent Industry Example

Students learn about an innovative greener alternative to the polyester manufacturing process as they investigate chemical bonds, fibers, pigments and dyes by extracting natural dyes and experimenting with pH and mordants.

Recycling Polylactic Acid

Students extend the lifetime of a renewable product, a polylactic acid (PLA) plastic cup, by chemically converting the cup into a cleaning solution via a base hydrolysis.

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Supplement the PLA Lab with a titration extension.

Wood Ash Titration

Introduce acid-base titrations with a new spin. This green chemistry version of a strong acid-base titration uses wood ash, a renewable source of base, in place of NaOH.

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