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April 2, 2020

Transforming Chemistry Education: Models for Transitioning to Green Chemistry Education in Higher Education

This webinar about how the Green Chemistry Commitment (GCC) program is fostering a community of practice among higher education institutions through sharing resources and best practices in implementing green chemistry in their courses and programs. Through the GCC program, higher education participants incorporate green chemistry curricula, labs and courses into their chemistry department in their own unique way and with varied timelines to work towards adopting Green Chemistry Student Learning Objectives. Faculty members from the University of Michigan- Flint, University of Toronto and Seton Hall will share their experience in integrating Green Chemistry in their courses and programs, and how they are better preparing the incoming workforce with green chemistry skills to build a more sustainable future.

Featured Speakers:
Andrew Dicks, Professor, Teaching Stream, University of Toronto
Nick Kingsley, Associate Professor, University of Michigan – Flint
David Laviska, Assistant Professor, Seton Hall

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