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June 25, 2020

How does Green Chemistry help me do my job?

Sometimes people will say “what I do has nothing to do with green chemistry” or “my job doesn’t involve green chemistry”. In the extreme, someone who claims to “not do green chemistry” literally goes out of their way to intentionally find the most hazardous materials to work with! Let’s hope no one does this! The main issues around green chemistry are less related to creating the DESIRE for non-toxic and environmentally acceptable materials and technologies, but more about the ABILITY to have access to them. While it is likely that chemical invention plays a key role in creating a sustainable future, there are many other ways in which people benefit from some fundamental understanding of the principles of green chemistry. This presentation will look at the field of green chemistry from several different perspectives within NGO, industrial, academic, and governmental organizations throughout the entire chemical supply chain.

Featured Speaker:

Dr. John Warner
Director of Science and Innovation, Beyond Benign
Distinguished Professor of Green Chemistry, Monash University
Co-Founder of the field of Green Chemistry

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