Beyond Benign

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Wilkes University

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Wilkes-Barre, PA

Our programs have incorporated sustainability and green chemistry goals for more than ten years. Primarily the focus has been on the instruction in, and incorporation of, the Twelve Design Principles of Green Chemistry in our laboratory courses in general and organic chemistry.  The Department also offers a track in Sustainability (Chemistry B.A.).

Faculty Size
Primary Contact
Megan Youmans, Assistant Professor ,
Chemistry Degrees Offered

Chemistry B.A., Chemistry B.S., Biochemistry B.S.

Implementation of Green Chemistry

General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Student Chapter/Club Activities and/or Outreach

Student Groups

The Wilkes University Chemistry Club  is our ACS Student Chapter. The primary activities of the club include a wide variety of outreach (held on campus and at local schools). The club also organizes a variety of social events, field trips, and guest speaker events.


Continue to incorporate the Twelve Design Principles of Green Chemistry across the curriculum and in our Chemistry Club outreach activities, offer a stand alone course in green chemistry, and continue to earn the ACS Green Chapter Award on a more regular basis.

Resources Used

A great place for anybody interested in Green Chemistry to get started is (of course) on the American Chemical Society website.