Beyond Benign

Who's Committed

University of Detroit Mercy

Signing Date
Detroit, MI, USA

As student members of the American Chemical Society, Detroit Mercy’s Chemistry Club exists to promote chemical and green chemistry education through community service in an urban setting, provide pre-professional opportunities, and engage in fellowship through social activities.

Faculty Size
Primary Contact
Matt Mio,
Chemistry Degrees Offered

Chemistry B.A., Chemistry B.S., Chemistry M.S.

Implementation of Green Chemistry

Organic Chemistry, Student Chapter/Club Activities and/or Outreach

Student Groups

Chemistry Club;

  • Create a stand-alone green chemistry elective course
  • Connect our ACS student chapter with other ACS student chapters
  • Incorporate green chemistry into all Chemistry Club outreach events
  • Implement green chemistry practices into all undergraduate lab courses
  • Emphasize the importance of green chemistry for all research groups
  • Offer a minor in chemistry, a minor in green chemistry, and/or a degree in green chemistry
  • Develop an undergraduate toxicology course
Resources Used

Green Chemistry: Theory and Practice (Anastas & Warner), Cradle to Cradle (McDonough & Braungart), University of Scranton Green Chemistry Website