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University of New England

Signing Date
February 15th, 2018
University of New England

The University of New England (UNE) Department of Chemistry and Physics examines the fundamental sciences that impact every aspect of our lives. In pursuit of solutions to real world problems, we study matter’s chemical and physical properties, the changes it undergoes, and the energy changes that accompany those processes.The tagline for the UNE is Innovation for a Healthier Planet. The UNE Department of Chemistry and Physics strives to complement both this university-wide mission and the environmental awareness theme that runs through the undergraduate core curriculum in its course offerings and other initiatives.

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Primary Contact
Melanie DiLorenzo ,
Chemistry Degrees Offered

B.S in Chemistry

Minor in Chemistry

B.S Laboratory Science

B.S Biochemistry

Implementation of Green Chemistry

The Green Chemistry Commitment is a natural extension of these initiatives, and will help the department streamline and augment its ongoing efforts in Green Chemistry, including invited speakers in its seminar program, inclusion of Green Chemistry theory and practice in the teaching laboratory (particularly organic chemistry, with other sub-disciplines to follow) and faculty and undergraduate research projects related to Green Chemistry and toxicology.

Student Groups

Our ACS Student Chapter has been very active with Green Chemistry initiatives, having trained as Beyond Benign Green Chemistry Outreach Fellows, and have twice been awarded the Green Chemistry Award from the ACS GCI.

  • Implement Green Chemistry practices into the organic and  inorganic laboratory.
  • Continue to advance the undergraduate research projects related to Green Chemistry and toxicology.
Resources Used

Active in the Beyond Benign Green Chemistry Outreach Fellows