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University of California, San Diego

Signing Date
April 23rd, 2018
University of California, San Diego

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at UC San Diego is characterized by a broad and multi-disciplinary research programs. The department supports a collaborative research culture to gain fundamental understanding of chemical phenomena at the molecular level and to advance this knowledge into practical solutions. Understanding and Protecting the Planet is a key research theme across the department and researchers are involved in topics ranging from the impart of aerosol particles on climate to developing algae-based materials. With over 1200 chemistry undergraduate majors, the department is ranked 5th in the nation for the number of bachelor degrees awarded.

Faculty Size
Primary Contact
Haim Weizman,
Chemistry Degrees Offered
  • The Chemistry B.S.provides a broad introduction to the chemical sciences.
  • The Biochemistry/Chemistry B.S.focuses on the chemical processes in living organisms, including the structure and function of proteins and nucleic acids.
  • The Environmental Chemistry B.S.combines a strong foundation in chemistry with studies in other environmentally-related disciplines, including economics, biology, political science, and earth science.
  • The Pharmacological Chemistry B.S.has a curriculum that includes the requirements of most California pharmacy schools, but which also allows students to prepare for graduate school, health careers, or chemistry work.
  • The Molecular Synthesis B.S.provides thorough training in all aspects of molecular substances with a fundamental understanding of structure and reactivity.
  • Minor in Chemistry
Implementation of Green Chemistry

The Green Chemistry Commitment is a manifestation of long-standing efforts to implement Green Chemistry principles in our teaching and research laboratories. In recent years, we introduced Green Chemistry experiments in advanced organic laboratory courses and implemented various programs to remove toxic reagents and reduce water usage in our laboratories. Our next goal is to incorporate the foundations of Green Chemistry into the curriculum of all chemistry majors. We further commit to expose graduate students to Green Chemistry through workshops and seminars.

Student Groups

ACS Student Affiliates Chapter is very active and organize specific activities to promote green chemistry. This include seminars by invited speakers, tours and community outreach. The chapter has been twice awarded the Green Chemistry Award from the ACS.

  • Incorporate lectures about Green Chemistry principles for all chemistry majors.
  • Replacing traditional laboratory experiments with green alternatives.
  • Continue to advance a community of practice for green chemistry.
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Beyond Benign Green Chemistry resources.