Beyond Benign

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Universidad EAN

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Bogotá D.C., Colombia

The Department of Process Engineering at Universidad EAN is integrating green chemistry concepts in their Chemical and Process Engineering major and non-major courses. In alignment with the institutional principles of entrepreneurship and sustainability, green chemistry has been integrated into course lectures, laboratories and projects in the curriculum.

Faculty Size
Primary Contact
Marjorie Maia ,
Chemistry Degrees Offered

Chemical Engineering, BSc., Production Engineering, BSc., MSc in Process Engineering

Implementation of Green Chemistry

General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Embedded Toxicology in existing course(s), Faculty Research, Student Research, Student Chapter/Club Activities and/or Outreach, Biomaterials, Industrial Biotechnology, Process and Systems Design, International Summer School.


– Teaching Green Chemistry and Processes through various mechanisms and applied projects;
– Integrate green chemistry, process and manufacturing concepts across the curriculum;
– Participate in webinars and conferences;
– Collaborate with entrepreneurship, schools, universities and industry;
– Look for ways to participate in community outreach.

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