Beyond Benign

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Pacific Lutheran University

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Tacoma, WA, USA

PLU Department of Chemistry is committed to upholding green chemistry principles and actions that promote health and sustainability. We are currently developing a system to document past and current practices that are in alignment with the 12 principles of green chemistry. This document will help us track our efforts and serve to guide future initiatives.

Having pledged to Beyond Benign’s Green Chemistry Commitment, our department strives to evaluate our practices, incorporate green chemistry into our curriculum, and incrementally set new goals towards becoming a greener and more sustainable chemistry department.

Faculty Size
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Jon Freeman,
Chemistry Degrees Offered

Chemistry B.A., Chemistry B.S.

Implementation of Green Chemistry

General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Faculty Research, Student Research, Student Chapter/Club Activities and/or Outreach

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