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First Technical University

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Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria

In tandem with the vision of the University, ”to be a world-class institution that is fully grounded in entrepreneurial practices, unique innovation, sustainability science and commitment to international best practices”, green chemistry will be introduced into undergraduate course beginning from next session (2019/2020). It will be a mandatory course for year three students. The course will involve practical works on green chemistry concept, principles and toxicology. Students will have the opportunity of undertaking green chemistry research during the mandatory final year research. We hope to create local competition on green chemistry independent projects.

Faculty Size
Primary Contact
Samson Alayande ,
Chemistry Degrees Offered

Chemistry B.S., Industrial Chemistry B.S.

Implementation of Green Chemistry

Green Chemistry currently being taught or implemented in: 

General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Green Chemistry stand-alone course, stand-alone Toxicology course, Faculty Research, Student Research, Student Chapter/Club Activities and/or Outreach, About to implement.

Institutional approach to achieving the Green Chemistry Commitment Student Learning Objectives:

Independent Course: Create a green chemistry and/or toxicology independent course. This can be an elective course or a mandatory course within the major.

Seminar Series: Have professionals come into the classroom or give a webinar lecture on toxicology or green chemistry during one of the class sessions within a course.

Research: Incorporate green chemistry into student research. Students can better understand the difference and benefits in greener vs. traditional methods.

Student Groups

Creating a stand-alone green chemistry course for 300L students.

Resources Used

Open access resources