Beyond Benign

Who's Committed

Bridgewater State University

Signing Date
Bridgewater, MA, USA

The Department of Chemical Sciences at Bridgewater State University has been integrating green chemistry into their curriculum for over a decade. The department currently teaches green chemistry throughout their organic chemistry course and in many other major and non-major courses.

Faculty Size
Primary Contact
Dr. Edward Brush,
Chemistry Degrees Offered

BA, BS; MA in Teaching (Clinical Master’s/Chemistry, Chemistry or Physical Sciences)

Implementation of Green Chemistry

Organic lab, Environmental Chemistry (Lecture), Toxicology (Stand Alone Biology alternative for upper elective); Research; Outreach

Student Groups

ACS chapter


Short Term:

  • Bring a better understanding to students of green chemistry and how it can address social/environmental justice issues to alleviate disparities
  • Starting Green Chemistry and Social Justice Working Group
  • Continue to educate K-12 teachers through BSU’s Center for the Advancement of STEM Education (CASE)

Long Term:

  • Integrate green chemistry into Introductory lab courses for 1st and 2nd year
  • Conduct trainings for K-12 teachers through Project GreenLab
Resources Used

Journal of Chemical Education, Green Chemistry RSC Journal