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Peoria, IL

Many of the research projects that our faculty and students are involved in focuses on the principles of green chemistry.  In collaboration with our Biology and Physics Departments, we have offered a concentration in environmental science-chemistry for over 20 year, and we offer elective courses for the University’s Sustainability minor.  Having been inspired by Dr. Warner during a lecture at Bradley, we plan to further integrate the principles of green chemistry into our curriculum and to adapt or develop laboratory experiments that reinforce these concepts.

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Brad Andersh,
Chemistry Degrees Offered

Chemistry B.S., Chemistry M.S.

Implementation of Green Chemistry

Organic Chemistry, Faculty Research, Student Research, Environmental Chemistry & Chemistry and Civilization Courses

Student Groups

The Bradley University Chemistry Club is our ACS student affiliate. This organization meets regularly during the academic year and hosts several events, including a holiday party and a departmental picnic. They also interact with other nearby ACS student affiliate chapters in the annual “Battle of the Chem Clubs.”  The Demo Crew is an offshoot of our Chem Club whose members educate and entertain audiences using chemical experiments and demonstrations.  Since its creation in 2007, the Demo Crew has held over 300 events in Central Illinois with over 29,000 participants.

  • Introduce the principles of green chemistry in introductory courses
  • Reinforce those principles throughout our curriculum
  • Adapt or develop laboratory experiments that underscore the principles of green chemistry
Resources Used

Environmental Chemistry, 5th edition, Baird and Cann
Green Chemistry: Theory and Practice, Anastas and Warner