Beyond Benign

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Berea College

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Berea, KY, USA

The Berea College chemistry department believes that chemistry is central to many of the major issues that will face society for years to come. Through this vision, the department has a focus on problem solving throughout their courses, allowing students to use both practical and quantitative reasoning skills. The department also is committed to the idea that students should conduct research as part of their undergraduate curriculum. Green chemistry will be a central piece to problem solving and research needs in the future and is being integrated throughout the Berea curriculum with the help of a visiting professor whose focus is to bring green chemistry to the department.

Faculty Size
Primary Contact
Dr. Anes Kovacevic,
Chemistry Degrees Offered

BA (General or professional (ACS certified) concentration, biochemistry concentration)

Implementation of Green Chemistry

General chemistry, organic chemistry I and II, student research

Student Groups

Teaching the green chemistry principles across the sub-disciplines of chemistry; Increasing green chemistry implementation throughout the curriculum and student research