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Wittenberg University

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Springfield, OH, USA

The Chemistry department at Wittenberg has been phasing in features of green chemistry over the past several years. This has occurred in laboratories and classes in general chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, and inorganic chemistry and in our research projects. By the time they graduate, chemistry majors will have encountered the 12 Principles several times in various courses and done several calculations of basic metrics related to green chemistry. Other science majors taking our courses also get exposed to green chemistry –and challenged to “think green” in their own major. As part of our award-winning safety program, students also consider the connection between protecting the environment through green chemistry and protecting themselves and others as they learn about chemical health and safety.

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David C. Finster,
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Implementation of Green Chemistry

General chemistry; Organic chemistry; Physical chemistry; Analytical chemistry; Inorganic chemistry; Student-Led Toxicology; Embedded Toxicology; Stand-Alone Green Chemistry; Research

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