Beyond Benign

Who's Committed

Washington College

Signing Date
Chestertown, MD, USA

The Washington College Department of Chemistry is one of only a few departments in the country that has an established faculty chair in Green Chemistry. The department integrates green chemistry into undergraduate courses and also highlights green chemistry as a topic for undergraduate research.

Faculty Size
Primary Contact
Dr. Anne Marteel-Parrish,
Chemistry Degrees Offered


Implementation of Green Chemistry

Honors General Chemistry; Organic Chemistry; Inorganic Chemistry; Green and Sustainable Chemistry Course

Student Groups
  • Develop lab manual with green chemistry experiments with the help of students
  • Outreach in the community (Elementary, Middle, and High School)
  • Work with the art department to develop a course on Art and Chemistry: Through the Lens of Greener Chemistry
  • Connect Green Chemistry Concepts to Research
  • Gain more knowledge in mechanisms and toxicology to incorporate into courses
Resources Used

GEMs Database; Beyond Benign Webinars