Beyond Benign

Who's Committed

University of Minnesota

Signing Date
Minneapolis, MN, USA

The Department of Chemistry at the University of Minnesota incorporates green chemistry in the teaching laboratories, classroom, and research experiences. The sophomore level organic chemistry laboratory course is wholly based on introducing and illustrating modern green technologies. A stand-alone upper division green chemistry lecture course provides an interdisciplinary perspective on a diverse range of sustainability topics. Select green chemistry content can also be found in other lower and upper division courses. Sixteen faculty align research projects in the area of Environmental & Green Chemistry and train undergraduates in their labs. Overall, the department is committed to preparing graduates to address “society‚Äôs most important human health, energy, and environmental problems”.

Faculty Size
Primary Contact
William Tolman,
Chemistry Degrees Offered

BS, MS, Ph.D.

Implementation of Green Chemistry

General chemistry, Organic chemistry, Polymer chemistry, Analytical chemistry, Toxicology, Stand-Alone Green chemistry

  • Present at ACS summer school
  • Have students perform local outreach to K-12 schools
  • Working on initiative with director of research to do work with alternative solvents
  • Introduce microwave chemistry
  • Development of sustainable polymer experiments for all levels of chemistry curriculum
  • Development of greener organic chemistry laboratory curriculum
  • Interested in working more with local high school teachers in the area
  • Running a green & sustainable chemistry workshop for MN high school teachers