Beyond Benign

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Simmons College

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Boston, MA, USA

The Department of Chemistry at Simmons College has been integrating green chemistry in to their teaching and research for over a decade. Their work includes green chemistry research integration in the organic chemistry curriculum. Green Chemistry is also integrated into the department’s 12 student competencies for chemistry majors.

Faculty Size
Primary Contact
Dr. Rich Gurney,
Chemistry Degrees Offered


Implementation of Green Chemistry

Organic chemistry, Stand-Alone Toxicology; Stand-Alone Green chemistry; Research; Outreach

Student Groups

Student Affiliated Chapter (SAC)

  • Train new inorganic and physical chemistry faculty member on teaching green chemistry
  • Transition the elective Mechanistic Toxicology course to a required class for all chemistry majors
  • Revitalize the student clubs on campus to incorporate more green chemistry activities and increase participation
  • Participate in the Toxicology Working Group