Beyond Benign

Who's Committed

Saint Francis University

Signing Date
Loretto, PA, USA

The Department of Chemistry at Saint Francis University utilizes microwave chemistry as a tool to integrate green chemistry within varying sub-disciplines of chemistry. Along with classroom integration, their Rural Outreach Chemistry for Kids (R.O.C.K) program gives chemistry majors the opportunity to learn important communication skills and connect green chemistry with environmental health topics through K-12 outreach activities. The department’s passion and success with integrating green chemistry comes from the collaboration of students and faculty; especially Dr. Edward Zovinka and Dr. Rose Clark, who became active leaders within green chemistry at Saint Francis.

Faculty Size
8 Full Time (2 Instructors)
Primary Contact
Dr. Edward P. Zovinka,
Chemistry Degrees Offered

Minor; BS; BA

Implementation of Green Chemistry

General Chemistry; Organic Chemistry; Inorganic Chemistry; Analytical chemistry; Research; Outreach; Green Chemistry Academy for High School Students

Student Groups
  • Incorporate Toxicology into the curriculum
  • Expand the use of microwave chemistry to more of the organic labs
  • Increase Chemistry Club Green Chemistry Outreach for K-12
  • Collaborate with other higher education institutions
  • Participate in an Outreach Working Group
  • Participate in the Toxicology Working Group