Beyond Benign

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Gordon College

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Wenham, MA, USA

The Department of Chemistry at Gordon College has embraced green chemistry for over a decade. Students are trained in green principles which have been integrated into many of the courses in the department, via many formats such as lecture, laboratory, outreach, service learning, and seminars. During the past decade hundreds of Gordon College students have introduced thousands of young people, educators, and members of the community to the concepts of green chemistry by participating in the novel Green Organic Literacy forum projects.

Faculty Size
Primary Contact
Prof. Irv Levy,
Chemistry Degrees Offered


Implementation of Green Chemistry

General chemistry; Organic chemistry; Inorganic chemistry; Analytical chemistry; Biochemistry; Physical chemistry; Embedded Toxicology

Student Groups

GOLum; ACS Chemistry Chapter


Continue to adopt greener laboratory practices across the curriculum and student research; increase implementation of toxicology within existing courses