Beyond Benign

Who's Committed

Edgewood College

Signing Date
Madison, WI, USA

Edgewood College has been integrating Green Chemistry principles and laboratory exercises into the general chemistry curriculum during the past decade. Green and Sustainable Chemistry has been offered since 2013. This course meets two requirements of Edgewood College’s general education curriculum, one for Environmental perspective and one for Edgewood College’s COR program. COR courses reflect the integration of Edgewood’s Dominican values in the curriculum and asks students to study, reflect and act on the following questions: ‘Who am I and who can I become?’; ‘What are the needs and opportunities of the world?’; and ‘What is my role in the building a just and compassionate world?’ The course draws students from many different majors, therefore spreading the concepts of green chemistry and sustainability throughout the Edgewood community.

Faculty Size
5 (3 Full-time)
Primary Contact
Dr. James Goll,
Chemistry Degrees Offered


Implementation of Green Chemistry

General chemistry; Inorganic chemistry; Outreach

Student Groups

Integrate more toxicology into chemistry course; Continue to grow green chemistry offerings in chemistry courses and labs; Work with local companies