Beyond Benign

Who's Committed

Drexel University

Signing Date
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Drexel University is known in Philadelphia for its focus on cooperative education and community engagement. In support of a University-wide focus on sustainability, the Department of Chemistry has integrated green chemistry and sustainability concepts and practices into the organic chemistry lecture and laboratory courses, with plans to expand sustainability topics into other courses in the Department.

Faculty Size
Primary Contact
Dr. Craig McClure,
Chemistry Degrees Offered

Minor, BA, BS, MS, PhD

Implementation of Green Chemistry

Organic chemistry

Student Groups

ACS Chapter

  • Incorporate green chemistry into Organic Chemistry Course and Lab
  • Implement Green Chemistry in General Chemistry and then integrate
    green chemistry principles and modules to other areas of chemistry
  • Invite environmental chemistry faculty to implement green chemistry
    into environmental chemistry courses
  • Look for ways to participate in community outreach
  • Interested in green chemistry research and the toxicology working gro
Resources Used

Green Chemistry Theory and Practice, by Paul Anastas and John Warner, Oxford University Press, 1998.