Beyond Benign


Irv Levy

Director, Green Chemistry Commitment


Levy, Irv

Irv Levy has been involved in green chemistry as the focus of his career since 2003. Since then he has introduced hundreds of students to the principles of green chemistry through lecture and lab, dozens of research projects, and his unique Green Organic Literacy forum that has empowered students to become ambassadors for green chemistry to many thousands in high schools, museums, and other public outreach settings. Irv has co-edited the books “Green Chemistry Education: Changing The Course of Chemistry” and “Teaching and Learning About Sustainability”.  He is deeply involved with the ACS Division of Chemical Education (DivCHED), currently serving as the CHED Division Chair. In 2005, Irv organized the first symposium about green chemistry in DivCHED, bringing together the community at the ACS national meeting in San Diego that spring. Irv was involved in green chemistry outreach with the core team from Beyond Benign even before Beyond Benign began. In 2019 he joined the staff of the Department of Chemistry and Physics at Simmons University in Boston, after completing 34 years on the faculty, as professor and chair, at Gordon College. At Beyond Benign, Irv serves as the director of the Green Chemistry Commitment, in the higher education program.. Irv and his wife, Kathy, enjoy traveling the country visiting their five widely dispersed children when they are not at home in Hamilton, MA.

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