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MAST/MSELA Science Safety Under OSHA

December 7, 2019 @ 8:30 am - 12:00 pm

Join us for a Science Safety Event featuring Jake Foster and Flinn Scientific. Beyond Benign will lead 2 hands-on workshops for both K-12 science teachers and Science Administrators.

For Teachers:

Sustainability in Action: Using Green Chemistry

Green Chemistry is the practice of product design that strives to reduce waste and toxicity. Green Chemistry is practiced by leading industries in consumer and commercial products, however the application of the principles of Green Chemistry remain absent from many secondary and even college classrooms. This session intends to introduce the participant to the principles of Green Chemistry and provide them with tools for practicing Green Chemistry in their classrooms. Participants will conduct a hands on lab designed using the principles of Green Chemistry for the purposes of teaching standard high school chemistry curriculum. In addition to teaching standard chemistry principles, these labs are also intended to provide additional Green Chemistry learning objectives for students.


For Administrators:

Replacement Labs in the High School Classroom

The workshop will feature safer replacements to traditional chemistry labs. Many ​traditional labs use chemicals that cannot be put down the drain and often put our students at risk if not handled properly. Endothermic reactions, exothermic reactions, and Le Chatelier’s Principle can all be demonstrated using household products.  Participants will get to hands-on time with these labs in a collaborate way so that they can share their ideas and questions and learn from the group. Participants will walk away with relevant open access resources that increase student engagement while increasing classroom safety.


December 7, 2019
8:30 am - 12:00 pm
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