Beyond Benign


Derrick Ward

Program Manager, Higher Education


Ward, Derrick

Derrick graduated with a Master’s of Science in Green Chemistry from Chatham University in 2016. Throughout his graduate studies, he was exposed to a range of scientific disciplines with a strong emphasis in the innovative capabilities of Green Chemistry practices in product development. Derrick has a green synthetic chemistry background where his previous work at the US EPA focused on the use of novel mechanochemical flow reactor technologies to enhance chemical transformations. He believes in chemistry that strives to be smarter, more effective, and environmentally conscience.

More importantly, Derrick’s passion for Green Chemistry education was catalyzed by his role as a teaching assistant in the undergraduate chemistry curriculum. As the Program Manager at Beyond Benign, Derrick looks to lead the development and dissemination of higher education opportunities that progress the advancements in Green Chemistry. Through these opportunities, he looks forward to equipping future scientists with skills to design products and processes that minimize the use and generation of hazardous substances.

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