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HE Working Groups

As part of the Green Chemistry Commitment, we facilitate working groups comprised of faculty and professionals that are working collaboratively on joint projects. Contact us to join one of our working groups or to learn more about our work.

Toxicology for Chemists Working Group
Our Toxicology Working Group meets on a bi-monthly basis. Our growing group of faculty and professional toxicologists work collaboratively on the development of resources that can be used within chemistry courses to teach toxicology. Participants also share best practices and methods for integrating toxicology into chemistry programs. Learn more about our work and outcomes on Toxicology for Chemists.

Green Chemistry Outreach
K-12 and Community Outreach are essential for supporting local schools and communities to engage young students in learning about complex science topics in an engaging manner. College and university faculty and students oftentimes build outreach programs into their courses or through their student chemistry clubs or chapters. This working group brings together faculty and students around ways to adopt green chemistry practices within existing outreach programs. Participants share resources, techniques and approaches.

Visit our curriculum database for green chemistry enrichment activities.

Green Chemistry and Social Justice
Hazardous chemicals are disproportionately impacting the health of children and adults in low income, minority neighborhoods, violating our definition of social and environmental justice where all people, regardless of race or economic status, have the right to live, work, play and learn in healthy, safe environments. Can Green Chemistry technologies play a critical role in correcting these disparities? The goal of this working group is to engage the green chemistry community in answering this question, and work to develop resources for educators and students.

Community College Working Group
Community Colleges have unique challenges when it comes to implementing green chemistry practices. This working group brings together 2-year college faculty, along with 4-year college faculty who work directly with regional community colleges, to discuss techniques and resources that are unique to these essential institutions.

Sigma-Aldrich Working Group
This working group is completed. Faculty members worked together with Beyond Benign to create a Green Chemistry Resource Guide for the Organic Lab Course. The Resource Guide aligns traditional organic chemistry lab experiments with greener options and provides analyses of the greener benefits.

Find materials and resources in our Curriculum Database.

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