Beyond Benign

High School

CUR HS Materials Science

Materials Science

Bio-Inspired Polymers

Vinylbenzyl thymine (VBT) is a water-soluble polymer that is used to make photoresists. Students make their own photoresists in this lab as they learn about greener solutions to the global e-waste problem.

Mushroom Materials: Ecovative Industry Example:

Students evaluate the life-cycle analysis of polystyrene and mushroom materials (mycelium and agricultural waste). In addition students grow their own mushroom materials and utilize experimental design to test mechanical properties of the material.

Natural Dyes Lab: Cogent Industry Example

Students learn about an innovative greener alternative to the polyester manufacturing process as they investigate chemical bonds, fibers, pigments and dyes by extracting natural dyes and experimenting with pH and mordants.

Surface Chemistry Lab: Sharklet Industry Example

Students are introduced to a cutting-edge technology that mimics sharks’ skin patterns, a natural anti-microbial. In the lab, students simulate the pattern to investigate surface chemistry.