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CUR HS Lab Safety & Chemical Hazard

Lab Safety & Chemical Hazard

Bio-Inspired Polymers

Vinylbenzyl thymine (VBT) is a water-soluble polymer that is used to make photoresists. Students make their own photoresists in this lab as they learn about greener solutions to the global e-waste problem.

Module: Chemical Hazard Awareness

This multi-lesson module is designed to introduce the language of chemical hazards and safety protocols for the laboratory and to ask students to analyze chemical hazards utilizing SDS’s associated with traditional types of reactions labs.

Reactions Lab

Students are challenged to choose and perform the ͚greener͛ of two procedures for the same unknown type of reaction based on the provided toxicity information for reactants and products. The students complete this process for each of the following types of reactions: single displacement, double displacement, composition and decomposition.

Surface Chemistry Lab: Sharklet Industry Example

Students are introduced to a cutting-edge technology that mimics sharks’ skin patterns, a natural anti-microbial. In the lab, students simulate the pattern to investigate surface chemistry.

Toxicity and Sea-nine 211 Industry Example

Students perform an LD50 test to determine the toxicity of a chemical, inspired by the Sea-nine 211 Presidential Green Chemistry Award winning technology of a less harmful marine Antifoulant. The lesson can be used to teach bioassays, bioaccumulation and serial dilutions.

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