Beyond Benign

Hydrocarbon Compounds

CUR HS Hydrocarbon Compounds

Hydrocarbon Compounds

Bio-Inspired Polymers

Vinylbenzyl thymine (VBT) is a water-soluble polymer that is used to make photoresists. Students make their own photoresists in this lab as they learn about greener solutions to the global e-waste problem.

Recycling Polylactic Acid

Students extend the lifetime of a renewable product, a polylactic acid (PLA) plastic cup, by chemically converting the cup into a cleaning solution via a base hydrolysis.

NEW! Kit available from Flinn Scientific.

Supplement the PLA Lab with a titration extension.

Synthesis of Biodiesel

In this multi-lesson module students consider the physical properties of different oils used to make biodiesel and then make their own fuel. Students will then analyze the enthalpy of combustion of the biodiesel they have made.