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iSUSTAIN™ Training
at American Chemical Society and Green Chemistry & Engineering Conferences

Green Chemistry InstituteThe ACS Green Chemistry InstituteĀ® and the Beyond Benign Institute for Green Chemistry Education are presenting a workshop designed to offer the participants hands on experience with the iSUSTAINā„¢ Green Chemistry Index.

The iSUSTAIN™ Green Chemistry Index is a tool which provides a methodology to generate a sustainability-based score for chemical products and processes. It contains a set of sustainability metrics based on the Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry and takes into account factors like waste
generation, energy usage, health and environmental impact of raw materials and products, and the
safety of processing steps.

Participants of the workshop will learn how to use the software package through real-world examples from industry and academic research. The examples will illustrate how the Index evaluates each chemical input, output and process through the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry. Participants will also receive:

  • Open access to the iSUSTAIN™ Green Chemistry Index for one week
  • A copy of all training materials and the training presentation
  • One free compound added to the public database for every ten (public or private) compounds submitted for inclusion in the database during the first month of their formal membership subscription to the Index
  • Students always receive a free subscription to the Index