Green Chemistry: The Green Curriculum

"Benign by design," green chemistry is designed to have less impact on the environment by creating lower levels of waste and toxicity than traditional chemistry. Green chemistry is also a compelling way to assist teachers as they strive to interest middle school students (ages 9 – 13) in science and math.

Curriculum & Teacher Training

The curriculum and teacher training work of Beyond Benign seeks to deliver teaching and learning tools to K-12 educators in order that they may share dynamic science experiences with their students with an emphasis on objective reasoning through the consideration of economy, society and the environment in equal measure.

Through the framework of green chemistry, K-12 Education at Beyond Benign is able to explore curriculum content across the board with a view to the future and the sustainability of social, industrial, economic and environmental sustainability. Curriculum materials take an independent stance where students are put in the position of decision maker and scientific issues are put under a neutral microscope.

The staff of the K-12 Education Department of Beyond Benign are all former or current classroom teachers who are committed to dynamic science instruction, where every student is a scientist with the potential to affect the future. Staff has experience in developing curriculum units, lesson plans and professional development experiences for all grade level teachers in science and using a multi-disciplinary approach to connect science to issues-based education and real world problems.

Green Chemistry in New York State Schools

"Green Chemistry in New York State Schools" is a New York State Department of Environmental Conservation project funded by Region 2 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to promote green chemistry in New York schools. DEC is conducting chemical inventorying and assessment, developing a chemical hygiene plan at four high schools, one in each of the following regions of the state: Capital District, Hudson Valley, New York City and Long Island. Additionally they are offering a green chemistry training workshop for science teachers led by Beyond Benign. Two successful trainings have been completed with over 60 teachers being trained within the Hudson Valley at Liberty High School on Oct 7, 2011 and the Capital District at Siena College on January 20, 2012.

Teachers were provided with an introduction to green chemistry, a printed guide of green chemistry laboratories and lessons and access to tools and resources to implement and integrate into the curriculum. By working in teams and engaging in hands-on activities teachers walked away a number of concrete ways to implement green chemistry practices into the classroom. Here's what Kathy P teacher from the Hudson Valley had to say about the Liberty workshop, "I wanted to walk away with practical and safer labs and I am!"

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